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  1. What is Cloud Dentistry?

    Do you have a staffing problem? Cloud Dentistry makes dental staffing easy with immediate solutions. Cloud Dentistry is a web and app-based marketplace where dental offices and dental staff can connect in real-time through our on-demand scheduling system. Try out as many professionals as you like with ZERO placement or buyout fees. It’s time to try something new that works. Get unlimited access to verified professionals in minutes and never miss a day of production again. Create a free account to view professionals in your area.

  2. How much does it cost to use Cloud Dentistry?

    It's free to create an account and post jobs on our platform.

    When you're ready to start working with the professionals in our network, simply purchase a plan to unlock access to your message replies and your job applicants. Paid plans also include on-demand booking of temps, and unlimited part-time and full-time hires.

  3. Does Cloud Dentistry charge placement fees if I hire someone full or part time?

    No. All plans include unlimited temporary, part-time and full-time hires for the covered dental office.

  4. Can I communicate directly with the professionals on the Cloud Dentistry network?

    Yes. Simply hover your cursor over a user's profile and click on the "message" button. Then type and send your message directly to the user's mobile device and email.

  5. How much does it cost to send messages?

    You can initiate messages with professionals and view your message replies by subscribing to one of our plans. Unlimited messaging is included in all of our access plans!

  6. What is the refund policy?

    All purchases are final. To avoid any surprises about what a purchase will include, we let dental offices see all the dental professionals in their area before making a purchase decision. Unfortunately, we do not directly control the professionals and cannot guarantee their willingness to work for any particular dental office or the availability of the professionals.

  7. How does Cloud Dentistry vet the dental professionals on its platform?

    We are a peer-reviewed platform that harnesses the power of the community to screen the professionals on the platform. We also list and verify all state licenses on the professional's profile.

  8. Do dental professionals have background checks?

    Yes, professionals can add background checks to their profiles, which include a national criminal records check, a Social Security number and address history trace, and a sex offender watch-list check. Professionals with a background check on file are denoted by the background check icon:

  9. Does Cloud Dentistry verify licensure information for professionals on the platform?

    Yes. For States that have licenses for the dentists, hygienists and registered dental assistants, we verify that the user's license is active and has not been disciplined for theft, fraud or violence. We do not verify certificates such as those for certified dental assistants or expanded functions dental assistants. You will see which state licenses have been verified on the professionals profile. Example pictured below.

  10. Why do some Dental Assistants show RDA and some do not?

    If you see “RDA” on a professional’s profile, that means their RDA license has been verified.

  11. How do I know the dental professionals on the site are available to work at the listed times?

    When viewing a professional’s profile, you will see their schedule and how recently it has been updated. Days when the professional has been booked or marked themselves unavailable will be grayed-out and not clickable. Days when the professional is available will show the date and available times in blue and be clickable.

  12. How much does it cost to post a job?

    You can post jobs on Cloud Dentistry at no charge. When you receive applicants to your jobs, you can then decide whether to purchase a plan to access those applicants.

  13. If my job post closes, does my auto-renewal stop?

    No, it's always free to post jobs on Cloud Dentistry. Job posts close automatically after 30 days to ensure that all postings are current. Any automatic renewals for active plans are not affected.

  14. Are professionals allowed to turn down work requests that I send to them?

    Yes, dental professionals are allowed to turn down work assignments. Once they confirm a request, however, they are required to attend, minus a documented and approved emergency. All late cancellations and no-shows are public record and can be seen on a professional’s profile.

  15. What if the hours I booked a professional for have changed?

    The current appointment cannot be edited. Please cancel the assignment with incorrect hours and create a new appointment request for the provider to confirm. Please note, if the changes are within 24 hours of the appointment and the provider does not agree to the shortened day, the office may be subject to cancellation fees.

  16. What happens if I cancel an assignment with a dental professional?

    You can cancel assignments with dental professionals via the Appointments page. In some cases, a cancellation fee may apply.

    If an assignment is booked, confirmed and canceled all in the same day (during business hours) there is no penalty. If an office cancels an assignment with less than 24-hours' notice, a small fee is automatically charged to the office and remitted to the professional. If the professional is already en route to your location or is turned away at arrival, they are owed half of the hours booked for the day up to 4 hours. For a full listing of cancellation fees, please see our Terms of Use.

  17. What happens if I send a dental professional home early?

    You can send a dental professional home up to one hour early (the grace hour), without penalty, and pay only for the time worked. That said, dental professionals reserve their time for your office; if you send them home more than one hour early, you are responsible for paying the total number of work hours booked, minus the one grace hour.

  18. What happens if the booked professional fails to attend his/her confirmed assignment?

    Less than 2% of the confirmed bookings on the platform result in a no-show. Book professionals on the platform with a strong track record to minimize the chances of failed assignments even further.

    In the unfortunate event that your professional no-shows to the assignment, please click on the "no show" button next to the assignment in question to let us know. Professionals that no-show will have a public mark visible on their profile until they can provide dated documentation of a true emergency.

  19. How can I leave a review?

    Reviews are automatically triggered after the completion of an appointment created through the system.

  20. How can I read my reviews?

    You can check your reviews by accessing your full profile here. You can also get there from your dashboard, by clicking on your name printed in big blue letters. From there, you'll find your reviews listed at the bottom of the page. On the left are your star reviews, but not everyone leaves feedback. Feedback is found directly to the right of your stars.

  21. How do I pay providers?

    Our platform is designed to handle payments on your behalf for a nominal fee. No lost checks or headaches. Once you enroll in Cloud Direct Pay, you will receive a badge beside your office name and a confirmation email then it’s just three simple steps. (1) Book a professional through the matching system. (2) Sign the professional's timesheet after the assignment. (3) Cloud Dentistry pays the professional directly as soon as they turn in their timesheet to us. Professionals are required to turn in their own timesheets. While most users prefer the convenience of Cloud Direct Pay, you also have the option of handling payments yourself.

  22. What tax documents should I collect from the providers?

    If you are enjoying the benefits of our Cloud Direct Pay system, we collect W9s on your behalf. If you choose to pay the professionals yourself, the presumption under our Terms of Use is that the professionals will be treated as independent contractors, requiring the collection of W9s. That said, you may instead complete W4s, as long as the professional agrees to this, prior to the assignment. For those not part of Cloud Direct Pay, it is a good idea to collect the tax documents when the professional first arrives to your office, as we do not keep these on file and the professional may not be available for messaging at a later date.

  23. Is it legal for hygienists to be a subcontractor?

    We’ve specifically structured Cloud Dentistry such that you can be properly classified as an independent contractor through our platform for short-term assignments; therefore, you would be filling out W9s. Here’s a brief article on the topic, with the actual case law and legal statutes cited and analyzed, so it’s a bit more robust than many of the opinion articles we see written by non-lawyers on this topic: Independent Contractor Myth

  24. How do I enroll in Cloud Direct Pay (CDP)?

    Please email service@clouddentistry.com and let customer service know you are interested.

  25. How do I know if I'm enrolled in Cloud Direct Pay (CDP)?

    You will have this badge beside your office name.

    And "Cloud Direct Pay" will appear in the payment terms for your appointments booked through the system.

  26. What if my question is not answered here?

    Feel free to contact customer service with any other questions by emailing service@clouddentistry.com.