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A successful dental clinic can be a busy place. There are many roles to fulfill, and some dentists will find they are handling some office-related matters themselves, especially when first starting out.

As business takes off, some dentitions are doing so much more than working on teeth. Some are running a one-person show and working themselves ragged attending to administrative responsibilities, with less time spent focusing on their practice, or their precious downtime.

This is when hiring an administrative team is vital. After all, keeping accounts, billing, and patient lists organized (among so many other responsibilities) should be left to the dental team who knows the job.

If you’ve been searching dental office jobs to secure the optimum role for you, then this is the place to start!

Dental office jobs market information

Cosmetic dentistry continues to rise in popularity as does the demand for dental professionals, including dental office staff. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), all receptionists, including those who work in dental offices, will see growth of approximately 10% between 2014-2024. As of May 2015, the mean annual wages for receptionists was $28,430. Those working in dental offices had mean salaries of $32,730 that same year.

Types of dental office positions

Depending on the office design and size in any dental practice, there could be a number of different positions available therein. Typically you’ll find office administrators and dental receptionists. Let’s look at each of these and their variations a little more closely.

Office Administrator. Sometimes called an “Office Manager,” this role usually supervises a dental practice’s daily operations. It is their responsibility to ensure daily operations run efficiently so practitioners and other staff can focus on patient care. These duties include: overseeing finances, managing staffing schedules, training office staff, conducting staff evaluations, monitoring inventory and ordering supplies.

As a member of the practice’s management team, this person must be highly personable, possess excellent organizational skills, be experienced with the office computer system and software, and understand the complexities of accounts receivable/payable and insurance administration. Typically a lot of on-the-job training will occur for the right person who possess a personality type with the right balance of thinking and feeling.

While there are no formal education requirements for this position, a high school diploma is a must, and certification in business management or a degree in business is optimal.

Dental Receptionist. We all know how stressful it can be attending dental assignments. Sitting in the dentist chair can make people feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, or even afraid.

The dental receptionist is the first person who greets you when you arrive, gets you settled and puts your mind at ease. Aside from greeting and calming nervous patients, receptionists also handle other front desk tasks like phone calls, assignment scheduling, and patient information.

Oftentimes billing and accounting, and submission to insurance companies are important skills that can be a part of this position, or be the responsibility of a separate Billing Receptionist.

There are no specific education requirements for these receptionist roles, but some classes at the college level can offer basic skills training, and courses in health administration or accounting can be helpful. Courses of this nature can last anywhere from one month up to one year. Additionally, other receptionist or secretarial experience is valuable.

A person with a friendly and empathetic personality is best-suited to this type of position.

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