Finding work: Dental receptionist jobs near you

Anyone who has ever visited the dentist knows the value of an effective dental receptionist. This individual is the front-line worker – the person whose role it is to offer finely-tuned administrative support: scheduling, organizing and welcoming patients; answering calls, maintaining accounts and organizing billing; and managing the reception desk and dental waiting room in what can be a busy, fast-paced environment.

Are you one of these people who lives and thrives on working as a dental receptionist? Then, keep reading, because we are going to help you find some dental receptionist jobs near you, right now.

Dental office front desk jobs market information

You might be asking yourself: what is the availability of dental front desk office jobs? Or, where are all dental front office jobs near me? Rest assured, we have these answers for you.

According to the US Department of Labor, employment for receptionists is predicted to grow 9% between 2016 and 2026, slightly above the average for all occupations (7%). Employment opportunities should be good overall particularly in the healthcare industries, including dental office front desk jobs.

With that being said, one would assume that finding work and establishing a career in dental office support near you would be a relatively simple task. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Locating dental offices nearby who are hiring receptionists

Regardless of your profession, looking for work can be a demanding and sometimes frustrating proposition. Looking for and finding a job is essentially a full-time job in itself – searching job ads, making connections, interviewing and securing a position in the area closest to you can seem like a nearly impossible task.

Successfully locating dental offices nearby hiring receptionists can be downright painful! Luckily, Cloud Dentistry takes the pain out...

Challenges of finding dental receptionist jobs near you

Google is one of the Internet’s greatest resources, and can be a job-seeker’s best friend. However, have you ever tried to find a career as a dental receptionist using Google? Search results will astound you!

Depending on your location, dental receptionist employment hits could yield job postings as far as 160 miles away! Needless to say, distances like this are completely unrealistic. The best news is, it doesn’t have to be this way...

Other employment exploration options like dental temp agencies, reading job boards, pounding the pavement and cold-calling offices is so 1990! Instead, we have developed the most effective and efficient way to locate dental offices hiring receptionists near you: Cloud Dentistry.

You’ll find what you need in “the Cloud”

Cloud Dentistry is the newest, most innovative platform dental receptionists can use to browse open positions, manage office bookings, match with a dental office nearby, find work and earn some money. Here are the steps to take using Cloud Dentistry to land your dream job working as a dental receptionist:

Step 1 - Create your free Profile

Cloud Dentistry is free to join for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and dental receptionists. You can set up an account in less than three minutes.

Simply click on the blue “Find Work” button on the lower left of your screen. Fill in your name, email, country, and zip code information.

Step 2 - Who are you?

Next, indicate who you are: are you a dental practice searching for staff, or a dental professional looking for work opportunities? To find a role as a receptionist, you would click “Opportunities for Front Office Staff.”

After you’ve specified your employment interest, create a password.

Finally, click on Cloud’s “User Agreement” box, and you are good to go to finish setting up your profile.

Step 3 - Watch the tutorial

Cloud Dentistry’s convenient and straightforward introductory video tutorial will give you details and visuals for how to complete your Profile set-up, including your working rate and how far you’re willing to commute.

The tutorial also explains how professionals and practices connect with the Cloud’s real-time matching feature, and the expectations around its use.

Once you have completed the tutorial, click on the “Continue to My Account” button.

Step 4 - Complete your Profile

The next page will display your Dashboard, the place where you provide all your relevant information to find your dream dental receptionist job. Here is your opportunity to shine!

On your Dashboard, you will find your Profile page where you can upload a photo, and update your schedule. Here, you will also confirm your email address, add your personal address, set your hourly rate, and add a background check.

Your Dashboard also provides links to Assignments, Job Postings, and Messages so you can look for work, set assignments, and keep in touch with offices once you connect.

Additionally, you will see a unique incentive we call Ambassador Cash. You can invite dental office owners or managers to join the Cloud, and you will enjoy a 10% rebate when a dental practice purchases access to Cloud Dentistry. Further, you will earn 15% of all revenues for four years from dental offices you have referred.

Find all the best dental front desk receptionist jobs right here, with Cloud Dentistry.

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