Travelling dental hygienists: Salary details explained

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When one considers jobs that typically involve travel, occupations like flight attendants, salespeople, consultants, and even doctors come to mind. With the evolution of dental health becoming more refined than ever before, you might be surprised to learn that a dental hygienist can also be an itinerant role.

You might be asking a number of important questions like: “How does that work?” or, “What in the world would a traveling dental hygienist salary look like?”

We have these answers here at Cloud Dentistry.

What it means to be a travelling dental hygienist

As a travelling dental hygienist, you can accept a temporary assignment to live and work in a specific area for a set length of time, rather than working permanently in a single practice. Typically, these types of jobs can be found through a dental staffing agency, or a work/travel abroad program.

There are many professional and personal benefits to itinerant dental hygienist roles. These include:

  • Securing income if jobs in your area are scarce
  • Assisting offices during peak times
  • Helping offices stay productive in remote areas
  • Travelling and exploring the country before deciding on a permanent location
  • Moving locations according to the season
  • Working in areas where the pay is higher

Things to consider as a travelling dental hygienist

Working as a travelling dental hygienist is great for so many of the reasons listed, like maximizing your income potential, and exploring the world. However, there are other things to consider before choosing this career path.

It’s important to clarify licensing regulations in the state you wish to serve. In some states, your licensing will translate over automatically, whereas other states may require you to take some extra steps for their specific licensing requirements.

It’s also important to know yourself. If you prefer staying in the same area working with one practice versus regular job-hopping and residence changes, then you may want to consider a different role from a travelling dental hygienist.

Whichever route you choose to take, Cloud Dentistry is here to help.

Dental hygienist salary information

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists earned an average annual salary of $72,910 in 2016.

In this year, 207,900 people worked as dental hygienists. 25% of this population earned $60,500, with 75% earning more. The 75th percentile salary for 2016 was at $86,390, meaning 25% earned more.

The top five states that pay the highest salaries for all dental hygienists are:

  1. Minnesota: $22.41
  2. New Hampshire: $22.10
  3. Alaska: $21.79
  4. Massachusetts: $21.21
  5. Washington D.C.: $21.02  

A travelling dental hygienist could have other salary-related considerations, such as subsidized housing or living allowances. For example, a recent post for a travelling dental hygienist contract in Canada’s Arctic (Nunavik) listed remuneration at a range of $750 to $1097 per 35-hour week. That’s a maximum hourly wage of $31!

There are other financial incentives to make working in remote areas more attractive. For the role outlined above, the employer includes additional benefits such as:

  • Isolation premium: $ 188.18 to $ 331.66/week, as per the family status
  • High cost of living allowance: $ 59.14 or more, as per the family status
  • Retention premium: $ 114.99/week  

Minimum benefits equal an additional $360/week, for a total $1112 per week based on the lowest wage.

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