Do dental assistants get benefits?

    Yes, certified Dental Assistants (CDAs) receive numerous benefits including paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick leave, pension plans or 401 (k) and health insurance.

    Many dental aides, especially new and nervous job seekers, usually fail to request or negotiate benefits when interviewing for a job. When searching for a dental assisting job, it’s advisable to look for a solid hourly wage or base salary with added benefits. Although the hourly wage and salary are a decisive factor, the perks that form part of your compensation package can be as critical as the salary, particularly if you have dependents or a family.

    What to and not to negotiate when it comes to CDAs benefits.

    As part of the job search, job seekers should be mindful of a dental clinic’s (employer) entire compensation package. At times, new employees may not be eligible to get benefits right away upon their start date. There might be a probationary phase where new employees go through before they start receiving certain types of benefits. If so, make sure you get hold of that information in writing before committing to the new job. Again, do not feel as if you are burdening the employer or that you may have lost the opportunity because you requested for benefits.

    Suggestions for getting more benefits.

    • Prove how competent and zealous you are to being a dental aide
    • Recommendations and experience are always a plus
    • Make it known that you are available for hours outside the regular work time including nights, early mornings, and weekends.
    • If you start in a part-time role, have a written plan of how you will rise to a full-time role, and start receiving benefits.    

    Possible benefit requests.

    • Paid holidays, vacation, time off and sick time
    • Employer contribution to retirement
    • Employer’s malpractice insurance (if applicable)
    • Health insurance plan 
    • Uniform expenses
    • Reimbursement for continuing professional development and educational training
    • Supplemental expenses such as public transportation, parking, etc.
    • All the best when finding your dream position!

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