Not a dental temp agency: Cloud-based hiring platform connects dental practices to dental professionals

Across the nation, dental practice owners and dental professionals are falling in love with our cloud-based dental auxiliary networking solution. It’s a cost-effective way to generate more revenue and transform your dental practice forever. Here’s why dental practices and professionals love our high-tech platform:

  • Cloud Dentistry saves time. Our digital dental networking platform helps dental practices and dental professionals make the right connections: The right dental office. The right dental professional. The right time. The right price. Practices can fill costly vacancies without hassle and without delay. Dental professionals can find work without combing through job boards or being subject to the whims of a temp agency.
  • Cloud Dentistry saves money. Don’t throw away money on a dental temp agency when you can use the cloud to easily connect with the dental professionals. Dental offices can post jobs and initiate messages for free. Dentists, specialists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants can use the system at no charge. Best of all, there are no permanent placement fees.

Discover the smarter way to run your practice

Save time and money by stepping into the future of dental staffing. Cloud Dentistry will revolutionize the way dental practices fill vacancies and the way dental professionals find work. We’re a groundbreaking alternative to clunky, expensive, and outdated hiring practices like dental job boards and dental staffing agencies.

Cost of a dental temp agency

Dental practice owners love hiring temps through Cloud Dentistry

If you’re the owner of a dental practice, you know how damaging dental support staff absences can be to your bottom line. When increasing customer retention by 5% results in 25% more profit, it’s incredibly important to keep up with demand. While personal and family leave is important for your hygienists and assistants, it can cause big problems for your practice whether you operate in a small town or a vast metropolis like New York, Chicago, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, or San Francisco.

  • Fewer appointments and more empty chairs result in lost revenue.
  • Hiring temporary help through staffing agencies or job boards takes up valuable time, keeping those chairs empty even longer.
  • Using temp agencies costs money through salary markups and fees.

With the Cloud Dentistry website, dental practices have easy access to thousands of dental professionals without delay and without exorbitant fees. Now, when your practice is faced with gaps in staffing, you can provide the dental services your patients need and use your time more efficiently. Keep your current patients and make room for new ones by hiring the right professionals for the right amount of time. Avoid common dental assistant temp agency pitfalls.

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The dental support professionals you hire through Cloud Dentistry will help you keep your patients, assist you in expanding your business, and increase your profits.

Benefits for dental practice owners:

  1. Fill costly short-term gaps in staffing. When you’re short staffed due to sick leave, family leave, vacation time, or unexpected vacancies, what you need most is helpers. Temporary staff will save your practice time and money by helping patients, assisting with procedures, passing instruments to the dentist, and completing other healthcare support tasks. You can book help for a few hours or a few days—whatever you need. Improve workflow and efficiency by only paying for the work that needs to be done.
  2. Connect directly to professionals. It’s your dental practice; of course you want to know who you’re hiring. Cloud Dentistry lets you view the profiles of local professionals. Choose your dental auxiliary team based on their skills, experience, hourly rate, and peer reviews. You can even message professionals to discuss the job. We have dental assistants, dental office staff, dental hygienists, and many more professionals who are highly qualified and highly rated.
  3. Recruit top talent. You want the best people for your office, but the top professionals can’t be found on job boards or working for dental placement agencies. They’re already working in dental practices or managing their own careers. Cloud Dentistry is a way to connect with talented, hardworking dental professionals who may already be employed.
  4. Save time and money. By cutting out the middleman, you can connect to the dental professional you need in real time. And Cloud Dentistry is nothing like a traditional dental staffing agency when it comes to cost. There are no daily temp fees and no permanent hire fees. Dental practices pay a simple monthly membership fee for access to our database of professionals and our real-time scheduling.
  5. Insource specialty procedures, keeping valuable revenue in the practice. Stop referring lucrative specialty procedures to outside practices. A great way to increase revenue is to provide more services. Hiring specialists such as an endodontist can keep procedures in your practice. Patients appreciate the convenience of receiving a full range of dental services at one location, which leads to greater overall patient satisfaction. As a result, patients are more likely to follow through with procedures and appointments.

Dental professionals love working as temps through Cloud Dentistry

If you are a dental professional wondering what’s in it for you, the answer is simple: freedom and flexibility. Read more about the best practices for firing and hiring here.Read about the best practices for dentistry resumes here

Benefits for dental professionals:

  1. Nurture your own brand online through your profile on Cloud Dentistry. Practices can see your qualifications, schedule, and reviews. With the high visibility of a Cloud Dentistry profile, you won’t have to bother with messy job boards.
  2. As a dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant, you set your own rates and only pick up work that is consistent with your availability. There’s more flexibility than with a dental staffing agency.
  3. Take your practice into your own hands by becoming your own boss. You’re not limited to working at a practice where all the extra profit goes into management’s pockets.
  4. Choose where you want to work by only assisting dental offices in locations you desire. Take Houston, TX for example. Houston covers 627 square miles, and you may not want to take a job that’s not convenient to your location. With Cloud Dentistry, you’ll have the pleasure of helping where you’re needed and choosing where you want to work.
  5. Pick up extra work in your free time. If you’re already employed in a dental practice, you can take extra work in your spare time. You’re not limited to someone else’s schedule. Enjoy working in a variety of offices while maintaining your current job.

Cloud Dentistry handles the paperwork

The details of hiring a temp from a dental assistant temp agency can be a hassle. Booking your dental assistants, dental nurses, dental hygienists, and other helpers within the Cloud Dentistry system is safe and easy. All the supporting legal documentation needed to hire a dental worker or specialist is completed online, without hassle.

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Whether you are a dental practice owner or a dental professional, Cloud Dentistry is the hiring platform that saves you time and money by putting you in control. Create your free profile now to get started. Working with traditional dental temp agencies has many disadvantages.

Dr. Reza Sanjar is a co-founder of Cloud Dentistry, LLC and co-owner of Dental Art in Katy, Texas. His years of experience as a dentist and dental practice owner give him unique insights that inform the practices of Cloud Dentistry. A graduate of Boston University and Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Sanjar has been practicing dentistry since 2009. He knows the industry well and is pleased to bring the benefits of Cloud Dentistry to other dental practices and dental professionals.

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