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The job outlook for dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists and dental assistants is good. The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the growth in dental jobs “much faster than average.” The future of dentistry is bright.

On the other hand, satisfying, full-time employment can be hard to come by. Although dentistry is growing, full-time employment in general is not. The Economic Policy Institute reports two key findings regarding part-time work: “First, part-time workers are making up an increasing share of all workers, and second, that this growth is being fueled by disproportionate increases in the share of workers who are part time involuntarily.”

The problem with this part-time-vs.-full-time perspective is that it considers only two possibilities: Get a traditional full-time job or take part-time work to scrape by. But there is another way. Today, many dental professionals work for themselves with the help of an online job-matching platform, Cloud Dentistry.

Take job hunting to the next level.

From dental support staff to specialists, every dental professional can benefit from Cloud Dentistry’s high-tech solutions.

As a qualified dental professional, you can be your own boss while working the jobs you want. You probably know all about using outdated job boards and old-school dental staffing agencies. They help you get jobs. But there are new tools that can do that and help you build your own brand. Enter Cloud Dentistry, the leading job-matching platform for dental professionals and dental practices.  

Here are some of the professionals who can build their careers and find outstanding employment through Cloud Dentistry:

General dentists

General dentists perform fillings, root canals, bridge placement, general exams and more. Dental practices may hire general dentists on a permanent or temporary basis to keep up with demand. These providers are incredibly important to every practice. Because of this, dental practices are constantly seeking the best dentists to help them serve their patients.

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists are some of the biggest revenue generators in the industry. Prophylactic assignments and patient screenings are the bulk of a practice’s “bread and butter” work. Dental practices know the best hygienists keep their schedules running on time and their patient base growing.

Dental hygienist jobs, what you need to know

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Registered Dental Assistant

Availability: Temporary. Payment terms: Cloud Direct Pay. Years of experience: Four to seven years

Description: Looking for an experienced RDA to help us on June 25th. Must be proficient in cord packing, fabricating temporary crown and have good communication skills. Some front desk duties required.

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full time EDDA

Availability: Full-time. Payment terms: Same Day. Years of experience: Not specified

Description: Looking for a full time dental assistant. Private practice in downtown Decatur GA, next to Agnes Scott College.

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RDA needed for Mon, 6/24

Availability: Temporary. Payment terms: Same Day. Years of experience: Not specified

Description: RDA needed for Mon, 6/24

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Temp DA for private Peds office

Availability: Temporary. Payment terms: Same Day. Years of experience: One to three years

Description: Temp DA to help with polishing with cooperative

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RDA needed for Fri, 6/21

Availability: Temporary. Payment terms: Same Day. Years of experience: Not specified

Description: RDA needed for Fri, 6/21

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Availability: Temporary. Payment terms: Cloud Direct Pay. Years of experience: Not specified

Description: Hi there! We are looking for a temporary dental assistant to help Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Please request/message if available! Paid through Cloud Pay. Thank you!

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Dental assistants

Dental assistants  are vital to running an efficient  dental office. The dental assistant sterilizes instruments, assists the dentist during operative procedures, keeps the operatory running and stocked and provides post-treatment education to the patient. Dental practices are always looking for outstanding dental assistants who can float between the clinical and front office areas.

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Orthodontists change people’s lives by giving them the smiles they want. These specialists often do work within the practices of general dentists to provide in-house orthodontic care. Private-practice dentists may contract with orthodontists by the hour or by the day.

Working as an orthodontist? Read this first

Oral surgeons

Oral surgeons provide crucial in-depth dental work that improves patients’ health. These specialists may work in one or more dental practices at a time. Dental practice owners often prefer insourcing oral surgery over referring patients to other offices.

Working as an Oral surgeon?

Step away from the dental temp agency and take charge of your dental career.

Cloud Dentistry’s goal is to help dental professionals and dental practices take full advantage of the gig economy. To that end, we’ve identified some key problems in the ways dental professionals usually look for work:

Dental hygiene placement agencies set workers’ rates for them. Those rates tend to be too low.

Communication can be difficult when you’re working through a placement agency. The same is true when you’re striking out on your own. Delays in responding to email or phone messages can cost you jobs.

With temp agencies, you’re just a name on a list. It’s not easy to stand out, even if you’re the best in the field. Job boards and pounding the pavement have similar problems: your resume sits in a pile, and you don’t get a chance to shine until you get an interview.

We looked at those problems in the context of today’s employment landscape and built a solution. Here’s what you can do with Cloud Dentistry:


Set your own rates – One of the advantages of being your own boss is setting your own rates. Cloud Dentistry professionals can do just that. The platform saves time and money, so practices are eager to pay professional rates.

Communicate with ease – We want to be a helper, not a hindrance. That’s why we included a method for direct messaging. With real-time messages, you won’t miss a thing.

Highlight your qualifications – A professional profile on Cloud Dentistry serves as an online resume. It’s inherently dynamic, so you update and edit your information in real time.  

Stand out from the crowd – A major challenge in looking for work is standing out. Helping our dental professionals rise above the crowd is a priority for Cloud Dentistry. That’s why we chose to include a ratings feature. This makes it easier for the professionals who do outstanding work to be noticed.

Take control – Above all, the most talked-about and compelling reason professionals choose to work for themselves is to be the boss. The whole idea behind Cloud Dentistry is to let you take charge. Fill your schedule with quality jobs, pick up extra work to supplement your existing income or explore employment possibilities. Whatever your goals, you can use Cloud Dentistry to make them happen.  

Helping you find great employment is our priority.

Cloud Dentistry focuses on assisting you, not taking advantage of you. If you’re ready to take control of your career, get started by creating a free profile. You’ll gain instant access to our network and the tools you need to build your brand online while finding the jobs you want.

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