Is dental assisting a good career?

    Yes, it is a career with strong job prospects, a pleasant work environment, relatively short training, and advancement opportunities.

    No two days are the same.

    Dental assisting is a unique career which allows professionals to work with different demographics — from adults to children to elderly patients.  Dental assistants’ duties vary by state, but typically include:

    • Sterilizing dental instruments
    • Preparing patients for treatments and procedures
    • Handling instruments to dentists during procedures
    • Instructing patients in proper oral hygiene
    • Processing x rays and completing different lab tasks, under the supervision of a dentist
    • Scheduling patient assignments
    • Keeping records of dental treatments
    • Working with patients on billing and payment

    Where you might work

    Many people find pleasure in enrolling for dental assistant programs with the possibility of being employed immediately after graduation. The programs can be completed in a few months, making students marketable and ready for the job market in little time. 

    The career allows for both part-time and full-time work, and dental aides can be employed at different places. Approximately, there were 332,000 dental aides in 2016 with 91 percent working in dentist offices, 2 percent working in government, and 2 percent based in physicians’ offices. 

    The pay is attractive.

    The amount you will earn as a Dental aide varies depending on your state, the hours you work, levels of experience, and the office you work at. But, regardless of these factors, the income potential of an assistant is quite high compared to other professions in the same category.

    The right fit for you.

    Dental assisting is an ideal fit for a person who is naturally patient, friendly, and who has a genuine will to serve. Some preferred qualities are interpersonal skills, detail oriented, good listener, dexterity, and well-organized.

    Additionally, this profession is a good fit for persons who love to work in the healthcare industry, but the many years in college required to be a dentist, oral surgeon, or physician do not fit their larger life goals.

    So, if the idea of becoming a dental aide excites you, do your research and check online for some dental assisting jobs near you.  

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