How can I grow my dental practice?

    You can grow your practice by setting goals that have a timeline for completion.  You can increase your practice by intensifying your team to work with you to achieve the goals. 

    If you want to grow to a 2-million-dollar practice next year, you must put a plan of action into effect now. 

    Some proven ways to grow a practice are to implement the following goals:

    • Improve leadership skills by engaging a leadership coach or attend leadership development courses
    • Develop an engaging personality and take an interest in people and your patients.  You may have the best technical skills in the business, but if people don’t like you, it will be a challenge to meet your goals. A leadership coach can also help in this area.
    • Visualize the growth that you want and ask these questions: What type of patients do I want to serve; what do I want to earn and how much do I need to put in the bank; how can I create a culture of patient care and passion for dental service that will attract and keep patients coming back?
    • Marketing- (all the marketing in the world won’t replace a sour personality or a rude staff) Hire a professional marketing company that understands exactly who you are and what you want to accomplish.
    • Train your dental team to promote the practice and give them goals to achieve in performance. Celebrate and reward the team when achieving growth. Make sure that each team member understands their role in the success of the practice.
    • Have the capacity for growth.  If you have reached maximum capacity for treatment chairs, you may want to add another.  You must, as you grow, ensure that you can accommodate more patients. If the perception is that you are too busy, you and your team won’t want more growth.
    • Closely monitor practice numbers associated with growth such as New Patients, Patient Retention and Treatment Acceptance and share it with the team for their feedback. 

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