How many days a week does a dental hygienist work?

    Many dental hygienists choose to work three to four days per week for eight hours per day. Typically, a dental hygienist will treat eight patients each work day — typically one every hour.

    What does a work week look like for a dental hygienist?

    There are some other considerations besides income when deciding on how many hours you work. Certainly it’s comforting to know that your hourly rate can earn you the flexibility of working almost as much or as little as you wish. It’s also important to think about your environment, and the physical impact on you as a dental hygienist.

    Three to four days per week?

    While you can work as many as 40 hours per week, many dental hygienist veterans advise against it. As a hygienist, you could find more than 30 hours per week can result in burnout.

    Holding yourself in a working position (leaning over, head tilted down, arms raised) can cause strain and discomfort over prolonged periods. Minimize the physical impact of your work so that you can be effective, efficient and capable.

    Full-time to part-time… and back again?

    Many dental hygienists begin their careers working full-time — 35 hours or more weekly — after graduation. With the dental hygienist profession consisting mainly of women, most scale back to part-time hours when raising a family and increase their hours again later in their careers.

    As of 2018 many dental hygienists worked part-time, but there are other contributing factors involved such as dental practitioner’s hours of operation and personal situations. Many dentists only work three to four days per week, and only hire dental hygienists on a part-time basis.

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