How much does a traveling dental assistant make?

    According to Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS), the median annual earnings for dental assistants as of May 2018 was, $38,660. The highest percentile earned more than $54,800 while the lowest percentile earned less than $26,940.

    Salary ranges, though, can vary depending on various factors; including certifications, education, additional skills, location, practice type, and the number of years you have worked as a dental assistant.  

    Certified or non-certified dental assistants; who earn more?  

    //, those who are certified earn more than those who aren't certified.

    Pay is not the only aspect to consider. According to the same survey results, dental aides who hold certification receive more workplace benefits compared to the non-certified. Top benefits may include paid vacation, free dental care, retirement plans, paid sick leave, and paid holidays. Therefore, it beats logic to get certified early in your career to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

    Dental assistant salary by state

    Dental aide salary varies from state to state. Factors such as the cost of living, state of the economy, and demand for dental aide services may influence the salary scale.

    Generally, states with larger populations, and thus greater demand for dental aides, trend toward higher pay than states with lower populations. That said; states like Alaska are an exception since they guarantee a higher salary to encourage people to reside there.

    Top paying States for this profession (Annual mean wage):
    • Minnesota - $49,880
    • District of Columbia - $49,220
    • New Hampshire - $48,760
    • Alaska - $47,330
    • North Dakota - $46,640
    Top paying metropolitan areas for this profession (Annual mean wage):
    • Santa Rosa, CA - $53,190
    • Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI - $52,190
    • Napa, CA - $51,830
    • Rochester, MN - $51,460
    • Fargo, ND-MN - $49,430

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