How do I hire a dental assistant?

    The best way to hire and retain dental assistants is to take advantage of new employee sourcing methods, reevaluate your interviewing process, and to compensate fairly.

    If you’ve been struggling to hire dental assistants, you are not alone. With the dental industry continuing to grow, dental aides have more job options than ever before. Here are three tips to help you conduct this not-so-easy process: 

    1. Hire via the cloud — connect directly to professionals. 

    Gone are the days of placing your adverts on Craigslist or hiring via temp agencies and having a flood of resumes comes your way. Now, to fill a dental assistant position easily, you need to be reaching out to the professionals directly. It’s your dental practice; obviously, you want to know the kind of people you are hiring. 

    Dentistry is a web-based platform that lets dental practice owners view candidates’ profiles (dental office staff, dental hygienists, and dental assistants) and directly schedule an interview. As a result, they (owners) can pick their preferred dental auxiliary team based on their experience, skills, peer reviews, and hourly rate. Unlike involving the traditional staffing agencies, hiring online makes the whole process easy, cheap, and efficient. 

    2. Reevaluate your interviewing process.

    What kind of dental assistant do you wish to bring onboard? What type of questions will you ask during the interviewing process? Often, dental practices focus on technical and clinical skills, which are items that are trainable. Remember to turn your focus on their character or personality also! Are they confident, caring, or kind? Do they project a happy and warm demeanor? You can never change the personality of a person, thus hire with this in mind.

    3. Fairly compensate your new hire.

    Compensation is among the most crucial thing when creating an atmosphere where the assistant is genuinely motivated. Try coming up with a fair compensation package that is tied to your dental assistant’s performance and abilities.

    Hiring is an art, not a science. How you bring onboard a new dental assistant will depend on various factors. However, like we have said earlier, by leveraging on new hiring methods and preparing adequately for the interviewing process, you can avoid most of the common pitfalls associated with this process, and boost your chances of finding the right assistant for your practice.

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