Dental assistants: Take charge of your career

Dental assistant work is much more than passing tools back and forth or assisting the dental operator with everyday procedures. It’s being a helper—a supporter of both patients and co-workers. It’s making a difference in people’s lives. Ask any dentist and they’ll tell you that dental assistants are a vital part of a practice’s success.

As a dental assistant, you may have gotten off to a rocky start (check out this hilarious blog post from Dental Assistant Life for some fascinating first-day mishaps). Or maybe everything went perfectly. Regardless of how your first few weeks went, you probably learned a lot. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, your experience has likely served you well.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been working as a dental assistant for years, it never hurts to explore your career options. There are plenty of avenues you can take as a dental professional.

You might consider opportunities for career growth. You may wish to continue your education and pursue other positions. Regardless of your current situation or future goals, now is a great time to consider working for yourself. Today’s economy and work landscape hold incredible potential for anyone who wants to take their career into their own hands.

That’s where Cloud Dentistry comes in. This innovative new job-matching platform gives you control, changing the way you work for the better.

Choose where you work

One of the perks of working for yourself is choosing your own workplace. Maybe you need an office that’s close to home. Perhaps you have your eye on a particular practice that you think would be stimulating or educational.

If you’re looking for more challenges in your work, taking on new tasks can help. The Dental Assisting Divas blog has some advice for the dental assistant who may be feeling bored at work: “Think about what roles and responsibilities you could take on to challenge yourself and help make your doctor happy and the practice as a whole become more productive. Your role as an assistant is much more important than just suctioning and assisting your doctor during restorative procedures.” If your current situation isn’t as intellectually stimulating as you’d like, changing your situation might help.

With a temp agency or a dental auxiliary placement service, there’s little or no chance to choose where you work. You receive an assignment and you go. Cloud Dentistry changes that by putting you in control. You choose which jobs to accept. You can tweak your own profile to highlight specific experience and qualifications, drawing the attention of the practices you want to work for.

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Set your own schedule

One of the most attractive things about working on your own terms is flexibility in scheduling. As an employee of a single dental practice or a dental temp agency, you’re told when to work. When you work on your own through Cloud Dentistry, you set your hours. You can post your availability on your profile and build your own work schedule. This is handy for dental assistants who want to fill their schedules and for those who want to take on extra work outside of their regular jobs.

Set your own rates and earn more

Part of the attraction of dental assisting is the earning potential. Career Bright’s article “8 Reasons You Should Become a Dental Assistant” explains: “The amount you can expect to earn as a dental assistant varies depending on your location, the clinic or surgery you work at and the hours you work. However, regardless of these factors, the annual income potential of a dental assistant is quite high.” says that the median annual salary of dental assistants is usually in the thirty thousands. If you find that your income doesn’t measure up, or if you think you could earn more, setting your own rate could help. It’s just not possible with most placement agencies, but Cloud Dentistry lets you do just that. With today’s online job-matching tools, you can set a rate based on your education, your experience and the rates of others in your area. The practices that use Cloud Dentistry don’t pay high agency fees. They’re eager to pay a professional rate to you, the professional.

Take control and maximize your potential

There are a number of factors involved in building a career you love. Salary, schedule, location, and environment are all critical pieces of the puzzle. As a dental assistant, you have the skills to and drive to give your very best. Why not leverage that and get the best out of your job? Cloud Dentistry is here to help you make great things happen.

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