The number one workplace happiness factor: freedom! And that's just what Cloud Dentistry offers.

The celebrated rock singer Janis Joplin once sang, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

According to an extensive research literature review, professionals who believe they are free to make choices in the office are happier and more industrious than those professionals who feel more restricted.  

A sense of freedom — the knack to choose how, when, and where to work — is a popular option among talented professionals across the dentistry sector, and one of the most significant elements of a fulfilling career.  

A single employer for life was once a long-term goal and dream for many people. But love it or hate it; the orthodox job landscape is changing.  “A slow climb in an organization was once the accepted career path. However, today the experiences of men and women starting their careers are closer to juggling multiple positions than steady growth,” writes Kate Taylor of Forbes. 

Millions of people all over the globe are seeking meaningful, flexible, and fulfilling lives that go beyond conventional jobs. Advancement in technology has made it possible for dental professionals to share their skills online, build an audience, and choose to work with as many dental practices as possible. 

For instance, online digital platforms like Cloud Dentistry consistently deliver choice, control, freedom, and options for professions who opt to build their brands independently. 

People, nowadays, prefer to make a living or work on their terms. In other words, the modern worker doesn’t just want a 9-5 schedule and paycheck. They want a job which motivates them and uses their abilities; and most notably, a job that fits their routine, lifestyle, and future goals.  

Still, compensation is significant, but other factors of career-life balance are largely becoming a priority. For example, if a dental hygienist, dental therapist, secondary dental assistant, or any other dental auxiliary don’t get freedom or flexibility they are after in their workplace, they are likely to hunt for opportunities elsewhere.

The future is flexible and full of freedom.

Flexibility makes sense for both employers and employees.

As modern technology makes it easier for practices to hire talent on-demand, thousands of dental professionals around the country are benefiting from this new approach of working.

With extremely accommodating working hours and the ability to determine what they earn, dental professionals are creating purposeful careers which fit in with their lifestyles, not the other way around.

Flexible work helps not only dental professionals do their best because conditions are favorable, but also offers dental employers the opportunity to retain their top employees. 

So, as dental offices continue to explore the various flexible work options, the trend will continue to gain popularity, making it easier for employer/worker relationship to become even more cordial for the benefit of both.

Freedom is the New Wealth: Embrace the autonomy that comes with joining cloud dentistry.

LinkedIn has forecasted that freelancers will make up around 43 percent of the U. S workforce by the year 2020. The numbers are only expected to increase, proving that the popularity and growth of this fresh employment model.  Like we mentioned earlier, Cloud Dentistry, an online marketplace that pairs dental practices with dental professionals, is one of the foot soldiers of this new, flexible way of working. Well, let’s see how freedom is guaranteed by this revolutionary platform.  

1. First, creating a profile is free

Highlighting their skills and experience on Cloud Dentistry is free. Dental professionals can grow their reputation and personal brand via their Cloud Dentistry profile, at no cost. That’s not the case with dental temp agencies.

2. Dental professionals can freely determine their preferred work schedule.

Via Cloud Dentistry, dental professionals like registered dental hygienists (RDHs) can work as many days in a week as they would like or just opt for a temp day shift whenever possible. People are all different. Some perform better in the mornings. Some choose to grind it in the evenings or on weekends.

Having freedom in deciding when you can attend to your roles is really empowering. Like we mentioned earlier, the ability to plan your work around your life as opposed to the other way around is gratifying when you have school pick up time to think of, or other personal commitments that hinder you from working normal hours.  

3. Choose where you wish to work.

It’s your choice! You can assist or work with dental practices in regions you desire. Cloud Dentistry allows dental professionals to access jobs beyond their areas of residence, be it different towns or even states. This helps them stretch beyond geography and partner with practices that they believe will favor their interests.

4. Set your desired pay rate.

Dental professionals have the ability to set their pay rate for temp and permanent jobs. Since they can browse a variety of vacant positions and converse with different employers seeking to hire via Cloud Dentistry, job seekers can only pick a job that rewards their skills best. This kind of freedom is never experienced when a candidate involves a dental staffing agency. 

5. Communicate directly with dental practices.

Discuss position details, job requirements, schedule interviews, decline, or accept new opportunities in real time. Cloud Dentistry is an online marketplace where dental professionals meet with practices; thus, you do not have to go via a third party (placement agency) to sell your skills and experience.

Gain the freedom of choice and moving forward without any restrictions.

As you might have realized, it is a lot easier for dental professionals to achieve personal satisfaction in what they do simply because of the endless freedom associated with Cloud Dentistry. So, what are you waiting for? Remember, there is greatness in people who constantly strive to attain contentment that comes from being in charge of their lives. 

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