What can you lose with a dental staffing agency? Plenty.

For decades, dental practices and dental professionals have been getting a raw deal when it comes to filling staff vacancies. For any dental practice, finding the right person to fill a gap is a challenge—one that takes a lot of time and can cost thousands of dollars per year. For the freelance dental professional, it’s hard to stand out. And working for a temp agency puts your career in the agency’s hands, not yours.

If you’re still using a dental staffing agency to find a job or to staff your practice, it’s time to move on.

Dental temp agencies are a waste of your time.

With dental hygiene placement agencies, filling temp jobs or permanent positions can take a lot of time.

Why it’s bad for practices: When you have absences due to vacation, family leave, or personal leave, it’s important to fill gaps as quickly as possible. Absent dentists, dental hygienists, or dental auxiliary staff mean your practice isn’t meeting its full potential. If you’re understaffed for even a day, you may have to cancel appointments.

An inability to meet demand can be bad for business. Cancelled appointments, long wait times, and overworked staff not only keep your practice from growing, they may lead to lost patients and bad reviews. As Jacob Puhl of Firegang Dental Marketing puts it, “Your practice’s reputation in your local community could mean the difference between having a successful dental practice and having one that suffers from year to year.”

Time is money, especially when it comes to filling your appointments.

Why it’s bad for professionals: Once you’re vetted by a dental temp agency and placed on their rosters, you can’t do much but wait. And when you do get an assignment, it might turn out that the job itself is a waste of your time. Time spent waiting around and working in jobs that aren’t a good fit is time wasted.

With a dental temp agency, you can’t always get what you want.

Temp agencies don’t staff only the best and the brightest. They fill their rosters with anyone who meets a list of minimum qualifications. And they’re not selective about the practices they serve, either.

Why it’s bad for practices: While there are plenty of dedicated people working through temp agencies, there’s always a risk of being sent someone who just doesn’t have the right attitude or presentation for positive patient contact. (Check out this list of characteristics of a successful dental hygienist, put together by the American Dental Education Association.) With a temp agency, you might (or might not) get to look at a selection of qualified professionals. Even if you do get to choose your own temp, you won’t get to talk directly with them in real time. So make your request, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Why it’s bad for professionals: Dental staffing agencies don’t give you much control over where you’re sent to work. Because the agency controls all communication, you might not be able to ask questions before accepting a job. Going into a placement without knowing much about it can be risky.

Dental temp agencies charge high fees.

Most staffing agencies charge a percentage of the temp’s hourly rate. And there’s an even bigger charge for permanent hires.

Why it’s bad for practices: When you hire your dental healthcare support personnel through a temp agency, you pay a high markup to the agency. The markup varies by agency (and it’s hard to shop around because rates generally aren’t published online), but you can be certain the rate will be highThat money is coming out of your pocket.

Why it’s bad for professionals: The agency sets your rateand takes much of the money that you work for. Though they sometimes give a small fraction of this money back to you as a “bonus,” it was all your money to begin with. If you were to work for yourself without the middleman, you could charge more and still be competitive.

Dental temp agencies don’t boost your business.

When you work with a temp agency, there’s no way to build your own brand. The agency is more concerned with completing a checklist than with helping you build your business.

Why it’s bad for practices: Just as you can’t know exactly who you’re getting, the dental professionals you want to attract don’t know much about you. The best hygienists, dentists, specialists, assistants, and office staff are in high demand. You have to appeal to the people you want to work with. But there’s no way to show them how great your office is when you’re working through a temp agency.

Why it’s bad for professionals: When you work for a dental placement agency, you’re just a name on a list. Unless you have some way to communicate with dental practices and show them why they should hire you, it’s hard to stand out. If you want a career working as a freelance dental professional, a dental staffing agency just isn’t the way to succeed.

Here’s your way out of the staffing agency rut.

Ready to ditch the temp agency? There is a better way. Now there’s an online platform that puts you in touch and in control. Cloud Dentistry makes hiring transparent, easy, and inexpensive.

Dental practices, Cloud Dentistry is your road to hiring success.

By joining the Cloud Dentistry platform, practices gain direct access to thousands of dental professionals. Search for the right professional and make your own hiring decisions. You’ll be able to see each professional’s qualifications, hourly rate, reviews, and availability—without the wait.

Dental practices use Cloud Dentistry for a low 30-day access fee. There’s no markup on hourly rates, and there are no permanent hire fees.

Cloud Dentistry is the largest peer-reviewed platform that connects dental practices with dental professionals. View each professional’s qualifications and see what other practices think of their work. When everyone on your staff does a great job, your business grows.

Dental professionals, Cloud Dentistry is your key to job independence.

Whether you’re a dentist, a hygienist, someone who assists the dental operator, or a dental specialist, you can maintain a profile, view job listings, and communicate with dental practices for free. The fact that there’s no markup for practices means you can charge professional rates while staying competitive.

Dental professionals can view job listings and communicate with practices in real time. Post your availability so you won’t waste your time fielding job offers you can’t take.

As a dental professional, you can use Cloud Dentistry to work for yourself and build your brand. Use the platform as your online home base and stand out from the crowd by showing off your qualifications, availability, and reviews. And with Cloud Dentistry, you can set your own rates. Charge what your time is really worth—not what some placement service says it’s worth.

Cloud Dentistry helps you build your business.

If you’re ready to ditch the middleman and take control, Cloud Dentistry will help you get started. Create your free profile today and start taking advantage of today’s cloud-based staffing solution.

Dr. Reza Sanjar is a co-founder of Cloud Dentistry, LLC and co-owner of Dental Art in Katy, Texas. His years of experience as a dentist and dental practice owner give him unique insights that inform the practices of Cloud Dentistry. A graduate of Boston University and Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Sanjar has been practicing dentistry since 2009. He knows the industry well and is pleased to bring the benefits of Cloud Dentistry to other dental practices and dental professionals.

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