7 great blogs for dental care professionals (that will make you smile)

Blogs serve so many purposes these days. From education to entertainment, there’s always something interesting about dentistry online. Much of the dental content out there is geared toward patients, but professionals have their space on the web, too.

It only makes sense that dental hygienists, dental assistants and other dental professionals would blog about their experiences and expertise. We’ve searched the web for the very best blogs by and for dental professionals. Here are the ones that are sure to make you smile.

Dental Assistant Life

This outstanding blog for dental assistants divides its posts into two categories: career and lifestyle. There are fun posts such as this one about the personality types of dental assistants and informative posts like this one about how to become an expanded-functions dental assistant.

Current and future dental assistants will enjoy reading about the lifestyle, thought processes, emotions and practicalities that go along with the job. Other dental professionals and patients may be interested in what goes on in the minds of these critical front-line workers.

Noteworthy posts

Emotional dental assisting moments – This engaging post includes quotes from dental assistants about their emotional ties to their work and their patients.

Emotional dental assisting moments

How dental assistants give back – It’s interesting to see how dental assistants give back to the community, and it’s always nice to read ideas for community service. This post tells us how some dental assistants spend their off-duty hours helping others.

Inspired Hygiene

This blog’s audience is dental practices and dental professionals. From posts that give tips on running a dental practice to videos that inform or demonstrate provider-patient interactions, the Inspired Hygiene blog has posts that will be useful to everyone in a dental practice.

The blog’s business-related posts deal with topics such as building value in hygiene visits and how proper perio maintenance can generate revenue. These are mixed with more personal messages such as this bit of holiday cheer.

Noteworthy posts

Thyroid cancer strikes again! – This video post demonstrates how to do an in-office thyroid check to help identify possible thyroid cancer.

Your diabetic patients need your help – This straightforward post reminds dental professionals of the relationship between perio disease and diabetes. It provides a great visual aid that dentists and hygienists can use to help educate their diabetic patients.

The Dental Geek

The Dental Geek

Who’s the best person to turn to for advice on a particular topic? A self-proclaimed geek, of course. These geeks love all things dental, and their blog for dental professionals proves it. The blog aims to explore “unique, insightful and sometimes controversial topics in the field of dentistry.”

The tooth icon with glasses will make any dental geek grin, and the homepage provides easy access to recent posts and older posts (“from the vault”). There’s even an opportunity for dental professionals to submit guest posts. Most of the posts are geared toward dental practice owners, but the site includes posts that are useful to other dental professionals as well.

Noteworthy posts
Stop the stress! 9 tips for increasing work happiness – These tips are useful to any dental professional, and they’re presented in an entertaining and empathetic way.

5 easy ways to get young patients to brush and floss – Children are often difficult patients, and getting them to take care of their own teeth correctly and consistently can be a big challenge. These tips will help any dental professional talk to little ones and advise their parents.

Hygiene Edge

A blog for dental hygienists and other professionals, Hygiene Edge holds a wealth of knowledge. It has a nice mix of information and whimsy (toothy gifts, anyone?) to make its readers smile.

There’s a huge variety of posts. From getting-to-know-you posts about contributors to instructional videos to a printable list of things to work on in the new year, there’s something for everyone here.

Noteworthy posts

Yoga for the dental hygienist – This cool video will help keep the occupational pain away by showing you some great ways to relax, stretch and keep your mind and body in peak condition.

Selective polishing or polish selection? – Here’s a blog post worth checking out. It’s a great refresher for dental professionals about what selective polishing really means.

The Queen of Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienist Barbara Tritz is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Dental Hygiene,” but the title is well deserved. She’s not afraid to address controversies in oral hygiene, and she makes her case for every argument with a healthy combination of science and personal experience.

Readers can look forward to monthly posts that are well worth the wait. They’re well thought out and deliver interesting information that’s useful to both dental professionals and their patients.

Noteworthy posts

The tale of Cranky Kat and the Happy HyGenius – This astounding post will entertain and educate any dental professional. Beginning with a description of a frustrated patient, moving into an explanation of the human jaw and ending with a “big reveal” about how Tritz found the root of her patient’s many problems, the story is well-told and serves a purpose.

Binkies, bottles and thumbs, oh no! – A post for dental professionals and parents alike, this article provides an overview of craniofacial development in children and questions common advice that dentists give parents. Readers will come away with new knowledge and something to think about.

Ask the Dentist

Ask the Dentis

This straightforward blog by Dr. Mark Burhenne is full of valuable information for dental patients. It includes posts that deal with specific dental topics (like wisdom teeth and their removal) and broader topics (like tips for improving overall oral health with food).

Users can easily explore topics with the drop-down menus across the top of the screen. The blog is well organized and contains tons of information that’s useful to patients. Dental professionals may enjoy browsing the informative articles for ideas to pass on to their patients.

Noteworthy posts

What to do in a dental emergency – Would you know what to do if you broke a tooth or your face became swollen? This post is an excellent refresher on identifying an emergency and knowing when to seek help.

16 simple suggestions for a healthier mouth & body in 2016 – Dr. Burhenne’s blog is full of valuable information about the mouth-body connection. This post is packed with information about how to improve both your oral and overall health.

My Life as a Dental Hygienist

In this beautiful blog, Jenn—a dental hygienist and mom of three—shared valuable advice, contemplates life’s interesting moments and shares a few hilarious anecdotes.

The sidebars have useful dental hygiene information that’s worth reading and sharing, and the main posts treat everything from information about dental school to information on her favorite dental instruments.

Noteworthy posts

Do you have what it takes to become an RDH? – This post about what it takes to be a dental hygienist is inspiring, informational and a bit graphic (but that’s what it takes). The comments from readers show how engaging and helpful the author is.

A day in the life of… – Jenn takes us through a day of RDH-ing, and she gets very detailed. It’s a fascinating look into the work of a dental hygienist, complete with commentary.

Brilliant blogs

It takes a lot of knowledge and effort to create an outstanding blog, and we’re all smiles over these pristine examples. Keep up the good work, bloggers! Your readers appreciate you!

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