What does a temp agency charge? 

Agencies charge dental practices an hourly rate for work performed by their temp workers. This rate is subject to the work being done and the expertise of the temp worker in question.

For instance, if a temp worker is paid $20 per hour, the dental practice for which they are working may be paying $30 per hour for their services. Usually, the temp agency withholds the extra $10 per hour per pay. As you can see, the markup is quite significant in such a case.  

What temp agencies do for dental practices

Temp agencies match qualified professionals with dental practices looking to fill temp positions. Usually, they act as the de facto human resource department, managing the recruitment process of dental practices’ short-term workers.

What temp agencies do for dental professionals

Generally, dental professionals will contact the agency first. Upon completing the application and conducting the interviews, the temp agency may welcome the applicant on board.  

The selected applicants will then be entered into the agency’s database and will be called whenever a vacancy comes up that matches their availability, location, and skill set. These jobs may last as briefly as one workday or might turn into a temp-to-hire position. Remember, although the temps will report to work at the dental practice, they will still be under the agency.  

Why today’s flexible dental professionals are skipping the temp agency 

For professionals who crave for freedom when it comes to location, assignment performed, schedule, and more are opting for online platforms — like Cloud Dentistry — for job placement.

What’s great about this cloud-based option is that it allows both temps and clients to pick up the work arrangement that suits them on an as-needed basis. No lengthy discussions with third parties and no monotonous interviews to land each temp job. In other words, you enjoy all the benefits of temping (making contacts and growing your network, gaining valuable industry experience, etc.) but without the hassles.  

This has quickly turned into an ideal, sustainable approach for true temps, who yearn for total control over their work and earnings. As such, we can confidently conclude that temp agencies represent the past for flexible workers, but on-demand platforms like Cloud Dentistry represent the present and future of flexible work.  

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